Gartcosh Extension Design, Allison Architects, Glasgow

Clients often approach us at Allison Architecture to accommodate their growing family. In this particular project our architects developed a functional space for the family and their small child. The client wanted their existing property to be split into two interconnecting homes to enable their elderly mother to have her own space.


The second kitchen available for the young family to use was housed in a conservatory with a Perspex roof and the dining area was constructed in the same way. Needless to say, these spaces were less than welcoming in the winter months.


Our proficient team planned to remove this conservatory and develop a well insulated, flat roof extension which would give the rooms a warm and cosy feel.


We developed a design which used western red cedar cladding and random rubble laid sandstone to give a richness of colour and texture to the external walls.


Internally we would continue the sandstone around the fireplace which housed a wood burning stove.


We introduced a large skylight over the kitchen island and a large bi-fold door opening out into garden space which provided easy access to the garden area beyond.


The garden space was designed to reflect both hard and soft landscaping because the clients required a low maintenance yet family friendly area where their young child could play safely outdoors. This was a significant element in the brief and we created a path which fully encircled the property so the client’s young daughter could play safely on her bike or scooter.

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