Allison Architects Tillicoultry Mansion Extension Project

Project Overview

When Allison Architects Tillicoultry clients first approached us they had just moved into their dream home. The impressive property was a large mansion with grand open spaces and numerous bedrooms.

For reasons unbeknown to us, the kitchen was built in a timber clad building with a flat roof. This area was cold, small and less than ideal. It seemed very odd to our architects that in such a beautiful and grand house, the kitchen was situated in such an obscure place.

The Brief

The goal of our Glasgow architects working on this Tillicoultry project was to design new kitchen accommodation which would complement the property. We wanted to create a large open plan kitchen dining space which would be clean, fresh and modern with lots of natural light. In addition, the client asked for the kitchen area to open out onto a raised terrace. In the design we incorporated the existing stone plinth facing and built up from this to form a terraced area with a level finish and internal floor.

The Design

Allison Architects Tillicoultry client runs a child minding business from home so they needed to create a usable space which was safe for the children. The large, open, bi-fold doors and level terrace area provided an excellent opportunity to play out in the fresh air while being closely supervised. A child gate was also installed at the side to offer additional security and safety.

If you are considering adding an extension to your existing property in the Tillicoultry area, you may find that you only have a limited choice of architects based in the town or in Stirling. Although Allison Architecture are Glasgow based architects we are used to working across the whole of the central belt area. You know that you will receive quality; through our years of experience in the industry and our successful work with new and repeat clients, why not speak to one of our team today and start your renovation, refurbishment or new build project today.

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