Do I Need a Building Warrant?

This advice is relevant only to domestic situations. The content here is only a guide, Projects are usually judged on their own merits so please seek advice from your local council prior to commencement of any works. The advice below is based on the Scottish Building Regulations.

In general you will not need Building Control Approval (Building Warrant – Scotland) if you are carrying out any works which do not:

1. Increase the floor area

2. Alter or demolish a roof, external walls or any structural element.

3. Adversely affect any separating walls

4. Alter wastewater disposal systems or sewer drainage.

5. Include work to a house having a storey, or creating a storey at a height of more than 4.5m

If you are replacing or repairing a service or component of your building this will be permitted without Building Control Approval as long as the standard is no worse than before. This does not include, windows, rooflights, doors, or gas and oil filled boilers.

Some Detached Buildings are permitted without approval. the chart below shows what is exempt and what isn’t.

, Do I Need a Building Warrant?

If your works are exempt you will still be required to meet any relevant level of building regulations.

For Building Regulations Technical Handbooks and Approved Documents please see the links below which take you straight in to the pdf versions.

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